Italian Students Protest Austerity Cuts

Italian students protest austerity cuts

Christine Legault in the video, “Italian students protest austerity cuts”, explains that Italian students occupied schools and cultural symbols like the Pisa Tower and the Colosseum. The government insists it’s education reform improve efficiency and reduce costs. Monica Usai, the National Representative Student Union, arguments saying that knowledge is important not just economically but also for the social level of the country.

Christine Legault reports students’ ideas by letting the protestant students and teacher explain their situation and showing how Italian students and teachers fight for a better future. They ask the government to take care of unemployed workers, making investments in infostructure and facing the university reform to sewed the needs of today’s youth.

The author purpose is to inform people how the Italian Government is unstable and unprofessional.

The author answers the research question interviewing an Italian politician that says that Italy needs a Government that is able to give stability and proposes to face these kind of social issues.


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