The authors Josh Lieberman and Lesley Chilcott in the video, “What most schools don’t teach”, give reasons why everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.

Lieberman and Chilcott support their idea by interviewing people that made a wealthy career using computers: Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, Ruchi Sanghi, Drew Houston, Elena Silenok, Gabe Newell and Mark Zuckerberg. They all explain how young they were when they first had access to a computer. They all say that you have to know how to use a computer even if you want to become a race car driver, baseball player, house builder, in agriculture, entertainment, manufacturing because all these things have been turned upside down by software.

The authors’ purpose is to make people realize how important for every kind of job the computer is. In 2013 all depends on technology but just a few people really know how to use it and it is a shame because it is easy and fun so that schools will add more coding classes to the schedule. One million of the best jobs in America may go unfilled because 1/10 schools teach students how to code.

This author answers the research question letting speaking international business men that share their thoughts and stories. They prove how important using computers is and the sooner you learn the better.

My Opinion:

I think this video is very inspiring because big international business men, like Bill Gates, try to explain the importance of having coding classes at school because if you are comfortable using it you will be able to find a job or choosing a different kind of college sooner. That’s why, especially Italian schools, have to provide coding classes and let students use computer for homework. In order to do that teachers need to be updated about new technologies and websites so that students can have the chance to try another way of learning.


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