What students think about education

What students think about education

Mery Stansbury in the article, “Five things students say they want from education, reports how students say they want to work at school, what they think it doesn’t work and what the s school should change.

Mery supports her idea by listing them in order of importance and interviewing students that seem to have a clear idea about this topic that is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Students want more interactive technology because students use them for math, writing, researching, and interactive math and word games. They especially want more hands-on science where they can experiment, discuss, and reflect on what they observed and then redo the activity.

They also want teacher mentors who respects and cares about them, a teacher who engages them in learning.

They want innovation and they want school to be more fun to do and also in creative ways.

They want to have a choice, freedom to participate in decision making. Students want choice in what they read and write, which math classes they take and more elective choises.

They want real-world application and relevancy, classes that relate with the real world, such as financial planning that provides practical information immediately prior to graduation. Students don’t want a school just made of lectures and homework.

Students truly desire educational experiences outside the classroom. They desire to see and experience, first-hand, how they can apply their learning with real-world experienced during the normal school day.

I totally agree with everything reported by this teacher. As a student I think school should provide more life skills and tips to do something outside. It is fine studying philosophy for example but relating it to the life experiences we will probably experience. Or history should be more focused on understanding the world today and each country history. 



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