Digital Literacy

Facebook:I think that facebook it is a really useful social media.  Since I am really far away from home, Facebook helps me to stay in touch with my friends and my family.  I think it’s very important that I can select the people who I want to show the post.  I use facebook a lot because I have a lot of friends from all around the world and it’s a nice way to know where they are going and what they’re doing, how they’re growing…


I use this social media for school and I think it’s the nicest thing ever because you can keep all your homework in just a website and see if you forgot something or if you’re not at school you can still know what they are doing in class or if there are new assignments.  The only thing is that you still need an explanation on some of the assignments since they are sometimes long and summarized.


I had to create a LinkedIn account for school but I never use it. I don’t think it’s useful, maybe it can help you to remember all the things that you have done in your life and awards.


I made a Youtube account because before coming to Alaska I thought it would have been cool to keep a video blog but since uploading video was a really slow process and if your video is longer than 15 minutes you can’t upload it. So I don’t use it often, but it’s definitely useful.


I just got a twitter account and I don’t really like it since it’s full of random posts. I personally think that facebook is way more useful because the pictures are less random and less modified. People think a little bit more about what they post.


Online I just talk to people that I know. Every social media can be either useful or dangerous and it depends on how you manage it. I am the same person even if sometimes it’s easier to fake emotions.

I think I manage my online life pretty good.

V – Digital Citizenship

Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical
behavior. Students:
a. advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology
b. exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity
c. demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning
d. exhibit leadership for digital citizenship


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