High school technology project

Writer, Contributing. “High School Technology Projects.” EHow. Demand Media, 30 Sept. 2009. Web. 02 Apr. 2013.

Ehow in the article, High School Technology Projects, explains how the computer is used at school and how useful it is for teenagers’ education.

Ehow supports its idea by listing and explaining the main advantages that the use of the computer gives. For examples students can create movies and brainstorm ideas and write a movie script using a word-processing program. Then they should learn how to edit the video and add music and special effects. It can also be used for presentations. Students can take any information and create a multimedia with it.

The purpose is to encourage teachers to give assignments that include the use of the computer in order to let student play with computers but at the same time having a chance to study.

I totally agree with everything. The computer can be a great help at school if used in the right way and if teachers are always updated about new programs and way of learning.


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